Soil health indicators for Australian vineyards


Getting to know the earthworms in your vineyard

EcoVineyards have collaborated with Lee Fieldhouse from Island Biologicals, to produce a series of short videos on the role of earthworms in your vineyard.

Click on the image below to view each video and a link to download the video notes.

Introduction (0.30 minute)
1. The great Aussie EcoVineyards earthworm count (4.0 minutes)
2. What is the value of earthworms in the vineyard (3.20 minutes)
3. How to improve earthworm habitat in the vineyard (3.12 minutes)
4. Earthworm interesting facts (2.48 minutes)
5. How to use liquid vermicast in the vineyard (3.25 minutes)

Soil health indicators booklet and posters

 Soil health refers to the overall well-being and quality of the soil, encompassing its physical, chemical, and biological properties, and plays a crucial role in the success and productivity of the vineyard.

To assist you in assessing soil health, we have produced the EcoVineyards Soil Health Indicators for Australian Vineyards booklet and poster to assist you in assessing the quality of your soil


Soil Health Indicators booklet front page

Soil Health Indicators Booklet

The EcoVineyards Soil Health Indicators booklet provides further information to help you objectively assess:

    • Earthworms
    • Soil macroorganism diversity
    • Soil microorganisms
    • Soil penetration resistance
    • Water infiltration
    • Soil aggregate strength
    • Legume nodulation

Soil health indicators poster

Download your EcoVineyards soil health indicators poster to benchmark your soil health using our indicators as a guide and assess your progress against your own metrics.

You may wish to print out a copy for individual blocks or management units and track your progress on individual sheets.



Earthworm count poster

The great EcoVineyards Aussie earth worm count

Earthworms are often referred to as ‘ecosystem engineers’ as they help to decompose plant material to increase plant available nutrients, aerate and create soil pores, which in turn improves soil structure and aggregate stability.

Earthworms are vitally important and provide an indicator of vineyard soil health.

Download the Soil Health Indicators booklet and this worm poster to identify the types of worms you can find in your vineyard.