EcoVineyards signage


EcoVineyards educational signage templates are available for growers to use to promote their EcoVineyards project.

The signs provide information about the work being conducted by EcoGrowers, the value of biodiversity and imagery of key plant species adopted for the purpose.

The aim is to raise awareness by targeting visitors and growers to encourage participation and respect for ecological and biodiversity practices in the industry.

A QR code is included on the signs to direct those interested to the EcoVineyards website for further information about the program.

The large educational signs (1200 mm x 900 mm) are available for three key plant species which were chosen to feature as champions for the EcoVineyards program. The large educational sign templates are available for the following plants:

  • Bursaria spinosa, sweet bursaria (Christmas bush in SA or blackthorn in NSW),
  • Leptospermum continentale, prickly tea-tree, and
  • Rytidosperma ssp. wallaby grasses.

Small plant species markers (A4, 300 mm x 200 mm) are available for native insectary plants and are available on request.

Please contact the EcoVineyards team via the email below to request a download link for the sign template files you wish to use (the files are large and stored securely using Dropbox).

The EcoVineyards team can recommend the sign fabricator used by SA Central.

Contact: [email protected] for further information or to request template files.

Large educational signs (1200 mm x 900 mm)

Small species marker signs (300 mm x 200 mm)

creeping boobialla species marker sign
fairy fan flower plant species sign
native lilac plant species sign<br />
New Holland daisy plant species sign
prickly tea tree plant species sign
spotted emu bush plant species sign
sticky hop bush plant species sign<br />
sweet bursia plant species sign
twiggy daisy bush plant species marker
wallaby grass plant species marker