Join us in digging for earthworms 🪱

Earthworms are often referred to as ‘ecosystem engineers’ as they help to decompose plant material to increase plant available nutrients, aerate and create soil pores, which in turn improves soil structure and aggregate stability.

Earthworms are vitally important and provide an indicator of vineyard soil health.

We would like to find out more about earthworm populations in vineyards and encourage you to take part in the great Aussie EcoVineyards earthworm count. The competition is open now until 30 September 2023. Send in your entry to be in the running to win 20L Biocast from Island Biologicals – RRP $99. Each regional prize will be drawn out of the hat in early October 2023. We welcome submissions from wine growers in all regions and a separate prize will be drawn. Read more about how to assess and identify earthworms above and in the Soil health indicators for Australian vineyards booklet.